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 ISSN 1996-3300

What is MORE?

The current world of management and business information is subject to constant new ideas and change. The speed of this change and need for quick access and distribution makes the Internet the natural home for such information. The traditional, paper-based distribution of information through journals and books is finding its most appropriate audience among academics engaged in long-term research. Even here, publishers are turning to on-line access for their paper publications, and are under pressure from "free access".

The Management Online Review (MORE) was launched to offer wholly on-line access to management research and information which has the following characteristics: it is applied in nature, is prescriptive and can be implemented. Emphasis is placed on ‘hot topics’ and the material presented is fact-based. Presentation is in ‘readable’ form, and intended for practising corporate managers and academic researchers interested in pragmatic aspects of management. The ISSN International Centre has assigned the following number: ISSN 1996-3300

As with all management information and research, quality is the key, especially with the current deluge of material becoming available and the distribution (journals) being created to disseminate it. MORE is staffed by an Editorial Team with long experience in management publication as well as having industrial and consulting experience. Because of their particular backgrounds, some emphasis will be placed on European affairs in addition to the more usual global reach. The overriding objective is the provision of high-quality and up-to-date research and information in speedily-accessed form. The Editors believe these are the characteristics of a 'must have' research and information tool.

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